As an America Knows How leader, you can help inspire your customers, communities, and colleagues on climate solutions.


About America Knows How

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America Knows How is a coalition of business leaders united to advance climate solutions for the benefit of their companies, customers, communities, and colleagues. American business leaders are working together to ensure that we pivot quickly to address climate change and seize this opportunity to show that America knows how to innovate and lead on solutions. Leaders and organizations representing businesses large and small, from across the country and a breadth of industries, are invited to join and leverage the America Knows How program.

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By joining America Knows How, you will become part of a national network of business leaders from across a variety of industries who are leading by example by putting climate solutions into practice within their businesses and inspiring their employees, customers, and communities to do the same. You will gain access to tools and resources to help you elevate your climate leadership and to business leaders nationwide who are putting America on a path to a positive future.

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Your Path to Positive

Each business has its unique characteristics; no two companies or industries are exactly alike. With that in mind, we’ve designed a way for you and your team to create a personalized plan in order to take action and track your progress. Once you begin the Path to Positive, you’ll be able to prioritize and “favorite” various resources.

Talking Points and Communication Guidance

Whether your organization is new to communicating on climate change or well seasoned, presenting your platform to employees, customers, and stakeholders requires some planning. Fortunately, America Knows How provides a plethora of tools, talking points and tips to help you effectively communicate climate change and inspire participation with any audience.

A Strong Network

When you join America Knows How, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with not only other business leaders, but also leaders across the faith, health, higher education, and communities sectors who have similar goals. Networking, collaborating, and learning from others already on the Path to Positive can be key to your success. 

Success Stories

New Belgium Brewing receives the SUSTY Award given by the ASBC; image courtesy of the American Small Business Council
New Belgium Brewing receives the SUSTY Award given by the ASBC; image courtesy of the American Small Business Council
America Knows How offers success stories about businesses and leaders from across the nation who are already on the Path to Positive. Find out how other business leaders have been able to take action on climate and sustainability within their organizations and communities. These success stories will provide you with ideas to motivate and inform your action plan.

Insightful Research

America Knows How will help increase the efficacy of your climate initiatives with social science and communication research. We’ll provide you with the latest and greatest research and best practices in order to help you inspire others and engage your employees, customers, and stakeholders on climate change solutions.

Effective resources

Whether you are looking to lead by example in your own climate impact or engage others in climate solutions, America Knows How provides a variety of effective resources. Gain access to the best practices for sustainability and climate engagement. America Knows How provides you with it all in a comprehensive, easy-to-access collection.

News and Community

Follow the latest news and thought leadership on business and climate to keep you up-to-date with progress across the country. You can also connect with other business leaders on the Path to Positive through social media and events.

Partner Opportunities

If you are ready to make a higher-level commitment, we’ll work with you to build a unique partnership. Our existing partners play a critical role in our initiative, expanding reach and engagement across a diverse set of Americans on climate solutions. We welcome additional organizations as partners in America Knows How.