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Walmart Environmental Defense Fund

Ten years ago the Environmental Defense Fund and Walmart, the world’s largest employer, formed what was seen at the time as a partnership of strange bedfellows focused on a seemingly unlikely goal: driving sustainability and environmental ambition. 

food waste ugly food resale Whole Foods

Whole Foods, known for both its high process and high quality, has signed on to sell blemished produce that otherwise would be rejected for its aesthetics and likely become waste. It's both a food waste strategy and a business opportunity.

carbon pricing sustainability

While renewable energy and efficiency advance, the energy revolution is being blocked by the market’s lack of accounting for the costs of the carbon pollution from coal, oil and gas, Tim Greiner, co-founder and managing director at sustainability consulting firm Pure Strategies, tells writer Mike Hower of Sustainable Brands.

corporate clean energy turns the corner

Carbon-free electricity generation took a major turning point in 2015, and more good news is coming in the potential of mobilizing tens — sometimes hundreds — of additional megawatts from corporate demand for renewable energy, Rocky Mountain Institute representatives write in GreenBiz.

corporate sustainability report tools

The $250 million sustainability information market has some 150 rating systems covering more than 50,000 companies on about 10,000 performance metrics, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance. 

coffee sustainability jobs forests CO2

When you start your day with a goal of doing something sustainable, even something small, take a look in your coffee cup. It’s a good way to start a sustainable day realizing just 12 percent of coffee is sold under the “sustainably grown” label. The good news is a new Sustainable Coffee challenge with a goal to change how the coffee industry operates to benefit the Earth.

sharing sustainability success

Is a cacophony of acronyms and other barriers keeping you from sharing your sustainability work from the C-suite, consumers and all the stake holders in between?

Paul Pohlman Unilever

Unilever CEO Paul Polman had put his company on the leading edge of sustainable development, with the goal of operating carbon positive by 2030.

board of directors UN sustainability goals

The new Global Opportunity Report 2016 shows that 32 percent of CEOs in the survey know about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and 23 percent plan a response to them. Awareness among CEOs was higher, but once you go down the corporate ladder planning preparedness declines, with only 5 percent of mid-level managers being aware of and planning a response to the SDGs, a GreenBiz article notes. 

business sustainable purchasing guidelines

Want to buy sustainable products and materials for your business and even your home but are confused by the labels and claims? The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council is focusing on its 150 members to glean best practices from procurement professionals to help guide you.