As an America Knows How leader, you can help inspire your customers, communities, and colleagues on climate solutions.



You can play a pivotal role in helping others recognize the importance of addressing climate change in their businesses and communities. Choose inspirational action steps below to add to your Path to Positive plan. Each step links you to resources to support your efforts. If you have already joined America Knows How, you can view and manage your plan on your customized dashboard at anytime. Also, be sure to add steps from the Tools to Make an Impact section.

Through the Path to Positive pledge, your company makes a public commitment to inspire others to care about climate change and take simple steps toward becoming part of the solution.   > Get resources
Frank Knapp, President of South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Climate leadership can help your business stay competitive and enhance its reputation. Get the resources you need to build a solid, compelling argument for your climate leadership.   > Get resources
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Find innovative and inspiring ways to keep climate solutions in front of your customers, employees, colleagues, and community by building a plan to share opportunities, communicate progress, and celebrate success.   > Get resources
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Climate-friendly business practices are important to consumers. Help inspire loyalty in your existing customers and attract new ones through your commitment to climate leadership.   > Get resources
John Griffith presents the natural gas fueling station at HQ; Image courtesy of Alpine Waste & Recycling
Discover how to raise public awareness of your climate leadership and ensure your successful initiatives get the attention they deserve.   > Get resources
Joe Montana has a little fun with a young quarterback after a round of the NRG QB Challenge; Image courtesy of NRG
As a business leader, you have a unique opportunity to serve as a role model to others. Learn how promote your climate leadership to new and established audiences.   > Get resources
Our “Get Started Guide” offers ideas on how to get your business on a path to a positive future, from implementing climate solutions in your organization, to engaging your stakeholders, to incorporating your progress into business communications.   > Get resources