As an America Knows How leader, you can help inspire your customers, communities, and colleagues on climate solutions.


Make an Impact

Get started on America Knows How by taking steps to make an impact and lead by example in your business operations. If you’ve made the America Knows How pledge, you can add actions to your plan below and keep track on your customized dashboard.  But don’t just do something -- talk about it!  Be sure to explore the list of engagement steps in our Engage Resources section, as well.

  • Save Money
  • Be Prepared
Save energy and reduce climate pollution by reducing waste and implementing recycling programs  throughout your organization.       > Get resources
Image courtesy of Climate Resolve
  • Save Money
Increase the energy performance of your facilities and operations, and generate significant savings while helping your business run more efficiently.   > Get resources
  • Save Money
  • Improve Health
Choosing sustainable resources and suppliers can help your entire supply chain be climate-friendly and send an empowering message about your sustainability commitment.   > Get resources
Work with your organization to establish specific, measurable goals and clear objectives for reducing climate change pollution.   > Get resources
Image courtesy of Sungevity
  • Save Money
Clean energy, such as wind or solar-based energy, makes good economic sense and shows your customers, employees, and the community that you care about their well-being.   > Get resources
When you’re at the office, you’re literally surrounded with opportunities to be more climate-friendly. One answer is looking at the use of plants in and around your buildings.   > Get resources
Reduce the climate impact of your business transportation by encouraging use of public transit, virtual meetings, and cleaner-fuel vehicles.   > Get resources