As an America Knows How leader, you can help inspire your customers, communities, and colleagues on climate solutions.


Our Partners

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America Knows How is honored to have the support of a number of partners as part of its national council. These partners have contributed their expertise, ideas, resources and time to broaden climate engagement in businesses across the country. Below you can find information on each of these partners, as well as links to their websites where you can learn more about their work.
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American Sustainable Business Council

The American Sustainable Business Council family of organizations promotes a sustainable economy. A sustainable economy is one that provides economic development along with shared prosperity, environmental protection, and social justice. It is essential from both a pragmatic and moral standpoint to restructure our economy to achieve the right balance.

Boston Common Asset Management

Boston Common is an experienced investment manager and leader in global sustainability initiatives. The firm's unique investment process enhances conventional investment. The overall goal is to preserve and build capital by constructing diversified portfolios, outperform over a market cycle, and achieve this with greater consistency and less volatility than market benchmarks.


BusinessUS is a national non-bank lender missioned to bring capital to American small businesses that cannot get credit elsewhere. Combining financing experience and relationships with the most advanced technology tools and processes to deliver small business loans quickly and efficiently while providing quality returns to our investors.


Ceres is a non-profit organization advocating for sustainability leadership. Ceres mobilizes a powerful network of investors, companies and public interest groups to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions to build a healthy global economy.

Christensen Global Strategies, LLC

Christensen Global Strategies is a partner to business, government, and institutional leaders whose goals are transformational impact, whether building collaborative platforms, shaping operational initiatives, creating successful partnerships, convening for influence or communicating for good.


Founded in 1952 on the value of quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, mutual benefits and citizenship, Edelman is considered the only remaining large, independently public relations firm. Edelman helps clients communicate, engage and build relationships with their stakeholders.

NRG Energy

NRG is at the forefront of changing how people think about and use energy. Whether as one of the largest solar power developers in the country or by giving customers the latest tools to better manage their energy use, NRG is a pioneer in developing smarter energy choices.


Founded in 2007, Sungevity was the first American solar company to design residential solar energy systems remotely over the Internet, using satellite imagery. Sungevity’s founders were driven by a simple mission: to build the world’s most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine.

Winston Eco-Strategies, LLC

Winston Eco-Strategies helps companies develop strategies and tactics to navigate and profit from the world's largest environmental and social challenges, set bold new goals, innovate to develop new products and services, inspire employees and senior executives, and improve branding and marketing communications with all stakeholders.

World Wildlife Fund

A new report from WWF and CDP—The 3% Solution: Driving Profits Through Carbon Reductions—helps U.S. businesses chart a new path forward. This path is tremendously profitable, practical and helps curb climate change. This report was authored by CDP and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It is the result of a six-year effort that builds on the input and expertise of a wide array of climate, energy and corporate sustainability experts.