As an America Knows How leader, you can help inspire your customers, communities, and colleagues on climate solutions.


Success Stories

America Knows How has brought together leaders from across the country to tell their stories about how they made climate change a priority in their businesses and in their communities. These stories will inspire you and provide ideas for how to get your own businesses involved in climate solutions.

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Image credit: Bob Perciasepe
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NASCAR fans are focusing their attention on clean energy.  At the heart of their interest is consumer choice and family values. Leah Missbach Day, a clean energy enthusiast and an ecoAmerica Board member, seized an opportunity to amplify this message on the racetrack when she met Leilani Münter at Chicago Speedway.    > Learn More
Sitting at a White House transition team meeting, David Levine realized that each of the 50 business leaders in the meeting had ideas to contribute towards a new, sustainable economy. He wondered, “What if we brought all of those leaders together to tell a combined story about what the economy and society could look like from a sustainable business perspective?”   > Learn More
Tachi Kiuchi made a strategic shift to operate Mitsubishi less like a machine and more like a living system which can learn and adapt, and thus, transitioned the company successfully from the old, industrial economy to the new, information economy.   > Learn More
When Alpine Waste & Recycling launched into action in 1999, John Griffith revolutionized the small company in Colorado into a sustainable, successful business. As the first company in the Denver area to collect and process organic material, Alpine Waste & Recycling continues to engage both customers and employees with its commitment to continuous sustainability.   > Learn More
By marking a projected sea-level on the windows of small businesses using blue tape, the South Carolina Businesses Acting on Rising Seas began to bring to light the reality of our planet's change in climate. Frank Knapp's passion for helping small businesses modify their practices brings preparedness to the South Carolina coastline.    > Learn More