As an America Knows How leader, you can help inspire your customers, communities, and colleagues on climate solutions.


Why Business & Climate

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For centuries, American businesses of all sizes have shown their talent for innovation and their ability to dramatically improve our economy and our society. In boardrooms and storerooms nationwide, business leaders are rising to meet a new customer expectation – prioritizing profit alongside people’s health and the world in which we live.

Our climate is changing and with it, the business and consumer landscape. Climate change affects consumer demand, supply chains, and resource availability – but along with new challenges and risks, business leaders recognize that change breeds opportunity. When the power of America's businesses gets behind an idea, it moves quickly and efficiently, bringing customers along the way. America needs this business leadership and know-how to bring about climate solutions at scale and to move our economy forward.

Leading the Way

The Petra Nova Groundbreaking, David Crane, President and CEO of NRG; Image courtesy of Eric Kayne/Invision
The Petra Nova Groundbreaking, David Crane, President and CEO of NRG; Image courtesy of Eric Kayne/Invision
As a proven force of economic and social innovation in America, the business sector has an unprecedented opportunity to elevate climate leadership. The size and reach of business is vast – in the US, small business (less than 500 employees) accounts for around 50% of the GDP and 75% of America’s net new jobs.

Climate change is directly impacting businesses of all sizes; in their operations, supply chain, and even consumer demand patterns. Businesses and communities are interconnected in fundamental ways and are part of the fabric of American life; from small town stores to finance and manufacturing. What affects our communities affects our businesses, and what impacts our businesses has profound repercussions on their customers ­– the American people.

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On the Path to a Positive Future

Companies from all industries are reporting on their environmental sustainability and embracing renewable energy because they know that reducing pollution and saving energy benefits their stakeholders and communities, as much as their bottom line.

Renewables continue to be the fastest-growing power source globally, and renewable generation is estimated to rise to 25 percent of gross power generation within the next three years. As it becomes more available and affordable, clean energy is making increasingly good business sense, leading corporations like Apple, Google, and Kaiser Permanente to make multi-million or even multi-billion-dollar investments in wind and solar power.

From incorporating clean energy into their operations, to upgrading their facilities for greater energy efficiency, to seeking out more sustainable resources and suppliers, businesses of all sizes are making a real difference – and your organization can, too.


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Business isn’t waiting for Washington to solve climate change, but its leaders recognize their role in influencing national solutions. As business goes, so goes our nation – working toward a clean energy future.

America Knows How, and The Path to Positive commitment, provide businesses the opportunity to build broad public support for climate solutions, combining institutional leadership with collective action to bring the full force of business leadership where it’s needed most. By joining America Knows How, you’ll have access to resources, tools, and other business leaders who will empower you to lead your company and your country forward.

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